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HOW Do we DO IT ?
The process at trailer begins with a state of the art design system which is fully integrated into our manufacturing facility. Automated machine tools then cut, bend, weld and shape high strength steel into trailer assemblies. Finally, running gear, electrical and landing gear systems are installed, and the finished trailers are ready to carry intermodal freight over highways or rail systems throughout China and export markets. Sophisticated design and durable, construction are just a few reasons why our trailers stand the test of time.
Why choose our Trailers?
i. Unsurpassed customer service ii. Only the highest quality materials and branded parts used in manufacturing iii. State of the art trailer design to meet customers' precise requirements iv. Precision automated manufacturing means consistent quality v. OEM and factory trailer parts keep you on the road vi. Built in the China CCC certificated factory
How do we make high quality Trailers?
i. The Best Engineers Design ii. The Best Material & Parts we choose iii. The Best Works Make
The Quality Guarantee
i. 1 year for wearing parts ii. 10 years for the trailers' chassis
How to transport the trailer to you?
i. Packed by Containers,in CKD or SKD form ii. Transported by Ro-Ro or bulk vessels,2 or 3 units per bundle.

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