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Your Premier Manufacturer Of Custom Container Chassis And Specialized Flatbed Trailers,Lowbed Trailers,Dump Trailers,Tipping Chassis,Van Trailers etc.

Wuyue Automobile Sales Company is a specialized company of trailers manufacture & sales. Since 1983, we started the trailers business and we focus on this field.

As a team of professionals and the spirit of unceasingly innovation, we will always maintain the best attitude towards our respectable customers, since we adhere to our belief on the " Best Quality" principle.

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Why Choose SINOLUCK Trailers?
Quality,Reseanable Price and Best Service

The process at SINOLUCK begins with a state of the art design system which is fully integrated into our manufacturing facility. Automated machine tools then cut, bend, weld and shape high strength steel into chassis assemblies. Finally, running gear, electrical and landing gear systems are installed, and the finished custom and trailers are ready to carry intermodal freight over highways and shipping line systems throughout China and export markets. Sophisticated paint systems and durable, lightweight construction are just a few reasons why SINOLUCK's trailers stand the test of time.

The stability you trust

Only the highest quality materials used in manufacturing

The dedication you demand

State of the art trailer design to meet customers' precise requirements

The service you deserve

OEM and factory chassis parts keep you on the road

The fine workmanship you need

Precision automated manufacturing means consistent quality

SINOLUCK TRAILER, Run With The Perfect!

1SINOLUCK Trailers – Your Best Partner For Transportation

High quality, durable, cost-effective - for around 10 years now.

SINOLUCK has been developing trailers for forwarding companies and the construction industry, where price and performance are right. From a refrigerated trailer to a tipper trailer: Our trailers are cutting edge to keep your business moving. Benefit from practical accessories and equipment solutions as well as customised versions of the products.

2Always on the go: SINOLUCK trailers for forwarding companies
Are you a forwarding company, transporting goods through your nation? If so, then SINOLUCK trailers are your reliable partner for modern road haulage. By using our tried and trusted trailers, you can transport all kinds of products safely and efficiently. The light design and high quality finish ensure a long service life with low maintenance costs.
3So that everything runs smoothly on the construction site: SINOLUCK trailers for construction professionals
Logistical top performance is not only required on the roads. On constructions sites as well, everything has to be in the right place at the right time. With a trailer from SINOLUCK, everything runs to schedule between the cement mixer and the scaffolding: Flatbed trailers move diggers, construction machinery and other equipment. Tipper trailers transport stones or earth, construction material semi-trailers supply additional material to the construction site.
4Get familiar with the SINOLUCK trailers

Approach it the same way as many other well-respected transport and construction companies: Trust in SINOLUCK trailers, because our trailers give you "Run With The Perfect". See the advantages for yourself. Our sales team would be glad to provide you with details on any SINOLUCK trailer you may be interested in and will make you an offer with no obligation.